Views on an international REF invited

voting symbolHEFCE is currently running a survey inviting views on developing an internationalised system of research assessment.

This survey forms part of a project exploring the benefits and challenges of expanding the UK’s research assessment system, the Research Excellence Framework (REF), on an international basis. At the broadest level, this means an extension of the assessment to incorporate submissions from universities overseas.

This follows an invitation earlier this year from the then Minister of State for Universities and Science, David Willetts, for HEFCE to provide an opinion on the feasibility of an international REF. The project belongs in a wider context of international interest in the exercise, on which HEFCE frequently provides information and advice to higher education policymakers and university senior management from overseas.

We’d love to know your thoughts so we can respond on behalf of the Engineering Professors’ Council.  Please provide your responses by 10th November, 2014.  There are only 3 questions – to answer them, click on the link…

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