Recent events

Recordings and presentations from key EPC events are available below.

EPC Introducing the Engineering Ethics Toolkit Event 5th May 2022

EPC Crucible Project Event 16th February 2022

Welcome and Guest Presentation – University-Industry linkages and engagement in the 4th Industrial Revolution: Evolution of best practice

Session 1: Collaborating with industry for teaching and learning

Session 2: Graduate employability and recruitment

Session 3: Knowledge Exchange

Session 4: Research

Session 5: Universitiesand business’ shared role in regional development and Closing Remarks

EPC Recruitment and Admissions Forum Series 2021

24th November, Doing it differently: Getting in

Part 1
Part 2

1st December, Doing it differently: Getting out there

Part 1
Part 2

8th December, Doing it differently: Getting on

Part 1
Part 2

8th June 2021, Chris Skidmore MP: ‘Research for a Better World’

15th June 2021: Chi Onwurah, A New Kind of Engineering

6th July 2021, Engineering Engineering: A provocation

25th May 2021 Engineering Opportunity: Report Launch

Trusted Research: How safe is your research?

5th February 2021 – click on the link above for a summary of the keynote.

Emerging Stronger: Lasting impact from crisis innovation

27th January 2021 – click on the link above for a summary of the event and the recordings.

EPC Recruitment and Admissions Forum Series 2020

18th November, Entry Qualifications: where now?

25th November, International students: where now?

2nd December, Student numbers: where now?

2nd December, Fair access: where now?

EPC Congress 2020 – Industry and Academia: supercharging the crucible

8th September, Keynote: Prof Sir Chris Husbands, Vice Chancellor, Sheffield Hallam University
‘What it really means to be excellent in teaching in collaboration with industry’

Reflecting on his experiences as Chair of TEF and Vice Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University, Sir Chris outlines what excellence means and the importance of learning being embedded in wider experience of the workplace.

8th September, Public lecture: Adam Hart-Davis, scientist, author, historian and broadcaster
‘What makes Britain great?’

The endlessly entertaining and ineffably affable broadcaster, scientist and historian Adam Hart-Davis timely provides a timely reflection on how Britain came to be great through engineering and ingenuity and where the nation is now.

11th September Panel discussion: Two cultures 
Chair: Johnny Rich, EPC Chief Executive
Prof Liz Barnes, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, Staffordshire University
Michael Hill-King, University Engagement, Huawei
Dr Sarah Main, Executive Director, Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE)
Prof David Docherty OBE, former Chief Executive, National Centre for Universities & Business (NCUB)

The idea of ‘The Two Cultures’ comes from CP Snow’s celebrated lecture in the 1950s in which he argued that the arts and sciences had drifted into distinct modes of thought and, as a result, they themselves and wider society saw them as in mutual opposition. We have adopted the reference to ‘two cultures’, to explore whether the new division is between the worlds of business and academia. 
This panel session discussed the cultural divide between industry and academia that throws up barriers to better collaboration. We explored whether that divide is real and, if it is, why. Do the cultural differences between the sectors impede collaboration or even create opportunities to learn from each other? Our expert panelists draw on their experience about how the divide may be bridged, especially in the context of engineering.

11th September, Debate: We believe that work-related learning needs to be in the workplace 
Chair:Prof Colin Turner, EPC President and Interim Dean of Learning Enhancement, Ulster University
For the proposition: 
• Stuart HarperHead of Engineering Excellence, Magna Specialist Confectioners
• Conor Moss, 
Dean of Work Based Learning, SHU
Against the proposition: 
• Prof Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, Chief Executive, NMiTE
• Dr Ian Palmer, Dean, Escape Studios, Pearson College London

The panel interrogated the question of whether students learn best about the world of work on the job (or at least through experience in the workplace). There was plenty of opportunity for contributions from the audience and a vote at the end.

18th September, Keynote: Mary Curnock Cook OBE, Chair of Council, The Dyson Institute
‘Industry and academia: meeting the challenges’

Mary Curnock Cook is one of the UK’s leading voices on all aspects of higher education and, as Chair of the Dyson Institute, she is also at the helm of one of the country’s most innovative centres of engineering education. This keynote address draws together some of the themes of the Congress and reflect them forward in terms of key challenges for Engineering academics, industry and other stakeholders who might help shape the future. 

To view other presentation recordings from Congress, please email us for a secure link. The full programme is available here.

Webinar series

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Accreditation & Innovation: New Approaches in Higher Education: 14th July 2020
Digitally Skilled: New Approaches to HE: 17th June 2020
The EPC Presidents’ Prize Address: 5th June 2020
Accreditation Under Lockdown: 22nd May 2020
Meet Sir Mark Walport, 7th April 2020

Other EPC events

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