Professor John Perkins’ Review of Engineering Skills

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Professor John Perkins FREng is the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).  His Review of Engineering Skills was published in November, 2013.  The review endorses the widely accepted view that substantially increasing the supply of engineers entering the labour market would benefit the UK economy, enabling it be more flexible and resilient, and allowing more people to take up the new opportunities that technological change presents.

The review includes 22 recommendations for action by government, industry, the engineering profession, and the education sector and challenged the engineering community to respond and find ways to implement the recommendations.

In early 2014, four Task and Finish Groups were established, charged with implementing those recommendations.

Perkins T&G overviewClick on the chart to see the overall programme structure, together with the working group chairs and participants.

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 But most of all, join the debate.  A number of cross-cutting themes and issues have emerged on which the programme team is seeking the views of the community. Join the debate by clicking on the link below to see the questions and issues and let us have your views (please contact us for the password).